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Open Heart. Open Mind. Open Body. Free Spirit. This is my aspiration, my inspiration, my mantra, my practice, my prayer: Open. ​


The path of yoga is the path of least resistance: open, easy, authentic, and fearless. This project is focused on the journey from fear, inertia, and dissatisfaction, to courage, enthusiasm, action, and fulfillment. It is a lifelong practice which never fails to inform, challenge, and entertain.​ In order to open, one must examine everything that closes. Yoga (aka awareness, wisdom, kindness, courage, etc) supports the process of self-study, to improve the quality of life.


The practice of yoga is a foundation for gaining self-control, self-mastery, and self-realization. If this sounds too good to be true, allow me to expand.


Self-control is the only kind of control possible. As elusive as self-control may be, it requires cultivation. Allowing the uncontrollable to unfold as it will, without resistance, complaining, clinging, etc, also requires cultivation. Recognizing the difference between the two...well, you know it, that requires cultivation too. Yoga provides the opportunity to practice exerting self-control when possible. It exposes the futility of resistance. On and off the mat, yoga supports ease and reduces unnecessary burdens.


Self-mastery is a human birthright. You are the God of your Universe, whether you know it or not, and whether you exert the authority or not. The eight limbs of yoga are a map to connect with your power, awareness and vision. As the Zen saying goes, “Be master of yourself everywhere. All you do proves true.”


Self-realization is awareness of the true nature of the Self, not the complicated and confused identity which is the product of a complicated and confused development. Self-realization is attained through the study of your life experience. As you seek the truth of yourself, the false dissipates. Actually, the opposite may be more accurate: as you study the misunderstandings about yourself, the truth is revealed.


The practice of yoga is the practice of you.


​Open Heart. Open Mind. Open Body. Free Spirit.




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